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Make your bathroom easier to clean

Bathrooms can be the most difficult places in our homes to keep clean. However, with a few clever changes and upgrades, it can be much easier to clean and maintain your bathroom.

No-Touch Faucets: They’re not just for public restrooms, you know. A sensor on your bathroom faucet will eliminate one of the main touchable surfaces.

Install or upgrade the exhaust fan: The fan isn’t just for reducing odors or keeping the mirrors from fogging. The better your ventilation system in the bathroom, the easier it will be to prevent mildew and mold. It’ll also prevent paint from bubbling and peeling.

Easy-Clean Toilets: Whoever designed older toilets certainly didn’t design them with cleaning in mind! Newer toilets are often designed with smoother services that make cleaning a much simpler task—no more standing on your head to reach every toilet surface.

Remove grout: Germs and grime love to build up in the spaces between tile. Instead of tile, you can cover larger surfaces with glass or stone veneer, or simply use larger tiles. That’ll reduce the overall amount of grout in your bathroom.

Choosing Your First Home: What to Look for When House Hunting


It's important to remember that the first house you buy isn't likely to be the one you'll live in forever. Instead, you might consider looking for a starter home when you are tired of renting and unable to afford your dream house. Approaching the house-hunting process with this caveat in mind will allow you to forgive some of the property's shortcomings and put you in a good position to profit when you resell the home. Here are a few tips to consider... Read More

Five Home Repairs to Budget For

You’re going to have to do some regular repairs and maintenance on your home—it’s just a fact of home ownership. So that you’re not caught unprepared, it’s a good idea to keep a budget and set aside some funds for when the following repairs inevitably come up.

 1. Light switches: Beyond your typical light bulb replacements,the wiring can occasionally go bad in a light fixture, causing it to be unresponsive when you turn the light on. An electrician can fix it quickly for around $100.

 2. Gutter maintenance: Over time, the weight and weather will be too much for your gutters, causing them break away from the home and require fixing. It’s possible to fix them yourself, but it will typically cost up to $400 to have them fixed professionally.

 3. Drywall repairs: It’s easier than you’d think to put a hole in your walls, especially if you bump them when moving furniture. It can cost up to $300 for professional repairs.

 4. Running toilet: The moving parts and valves in a toilet can wear out over the years, and you’ll want to get it fixed quickly to save on water bills and keep your bathrooms usable. It’s about a two-hour job to fix for professional plumbers, and they charge up to $150 an hour, depending on your market.

 5. Tile repairs: Tile goes through a lot of abuse, and it’s not just impact from heavy objects that can damage individual tiles—years of foot traffic will also cause damage. Repair costs can vary greatly because of the cost of individual tiles, but it’s good to set aside around $200.

Study Shows Growing Trend for
Green Home Building


For many home buyers, green features have gone from a wish list item to a must-have. The demand for green homes is expected to increase.
Environmentally Friendly
Builders and Remodelers

According to the latest New SmartMarket Report by Dodge Data & Analytics, builders are paying attention to buyers' desires for green homes. The 2015 study polled 232 builders and remodelers across the country... Read More

National Home Sales Decline, but Still Remain Above Last Year's Sales


Existing-home sales in October were strong but not as strong as they were in September. Total existing-home sales fell 3.4 percent to 5.36 million, down from September's 5.55 million. Yet sales were still 3.9 percent higher than at the same time last year. Economists with the National Association of Realtors expected the slowdown. Total housing inventory fell 2.3 percent in October, and according to NAR's chief economist Lawrence Yun, the shortage put pressure on the housing market. The lack of inventory did nothing to ease the affordability issues plaguing some markets across the country. In addition, buyers had fewer options to choose from, leading to fewer contract signings. Yun also... Read More

Common Tax-Filing Myths


If you're like most Americans, you don't have all of the answers when it comes to tax filing. That's why it's important to do as much research as possible to get up to speed on the latest adjustments and myths surrounding the tax code.

To help, here are six tax myths that the National Association of Enrolled Agents—a group of federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxes—encounters frequently... Read More

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Featured Testimonial

by Kim Popernik

A friend referred me to Wenzel Select Properties and I could not be more happier!! I even referred my brother
to them and he bought a home in 30 days! They took me to look at homes far north and west until I found the
perfect home for my family. They answered all calls and all questions. Most knowledgeable realtors you could
ask for. I got a great price in a perfect area to raise my 1st child in our very 1st home. Thank you!!!

Kim Popernik

December Happenings



Tierra on the purchase of her new home!

Dejan & Danijela on the purchase of their new home!

Ken & Trisha on the sale of their property!

Samantha & Jim on the rental of their new home!

Laura & Tim on the purchase of their new home!

Rick & Coreen on the sale of their property!

Thank you for allowing WSP to assist you
with your most valuable investment.

Lisa M. Wenzel
Managing Broker/Owner

Home Decorating Tips: Avoid the Top Mistakes


Home decorating is full of traps for the unwary. Sometimes rules are made to be broken, and skillful decorators can often ignore the guidelines. They may even create striking effects by breaking convention, but it takes a trained eye to do so. For the less experienced, there are small and easy tips to follow to achieve a more professional look.
Paint: A color that looks just right as a small sample may appear either far brighter or much darker when applied to a large wall. To be safe, choose a color slightly lighter than the effect you wish to achieve. Consider also the amount of natural light the wall... Read More

Featured Listings

5510 Essex St.
Lisle, IL

4 Bed, 3 Bth
Endless Possibilities!

5429 S Rutherford Ave.
Chicago, IL

4 Bed, 2 Bth
Spacious Throughout!

2015 Swan Ln.
Batavia, IL

2 Bed, 2.1 Bth
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317 Pine St.
Willow Springs, IL

5 Bed, 3 Bth
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