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Wenzel Select Properties Newsletter-Vol 5 Issue 1

Wenzel Select Properties 02/15 Newsletter
Happy New Year From Wenzel Select Properties!

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Curious Career Of Geoff Anderman

Turning Point Capital

I started my career as an attorney for large law firm in downtown Chicago right after graduating from law school. My clients were primarily private equity firms who were investing in businesses in various industries. It took only a little over two years for me to realize that, while I found my clients’ work to be really interesting, being an attorney wasn’t really for me. I “retired” from the profession in 2007, but was fortunate at that time to join a private equity client in a non-legal role, helping them analyze and invest in businesses and manage those investments.
I spent 2008-10 seeking out companies in which to invest as well as helping our existing companies navigate the credit crisis and resulting economic downturn. During that time I got know and work with many different business owners and operators, some of whom were preparing for retirement and selling the only business they’d ever known and others who were just trying to navigate the most challenging economic environment that they had ever encountered. Those interactions taught me a lot about both the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship and what it takes to confront true adversity in a business. And it left me just crazy enough to seek out a more entrepreneurial challenge myself.
In 2010 I left the private equity firm to help an extended family member with his business. He had started the business from scratch 15 years earlier with a small investment from two partners. While these two partners weren’t involved in the management of the business, they did own another, larger company that provided financing and other services to my family member’s business (accounting, warehousing, etc.). His two partners had reached retirement age and were seeking a buyout. Additionally, the business (like many businesses at that time), had two tough years in 2008-09 – the only two years in its 15 year history it had not been profitable.
I helped him raise money to buy these partners out, provide ongoing financing to the business, and set up the infrastructure that had previously been provided by his partner’s business. I think we were turned down by 10 or more different banks when we sought the financing we needed. But, through sheer determination and some relationships I had, we were able to get the financing we needed to complete the buyout and position the company for growth. Since then the company has grown by nearly 300% and was named to the 2014 Inc. 5000 list of the 5000 fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.
Since then, I’ve started Turning Point Capital in an effort to use some of my experience and relationships to help other businesses and entrepreneurs. Turning Point is focused on helping business owners and real estate developers, investors and entrepreneurs secure financing to grow their business. We find we are often able to help, and add the most value, when traditional banks are not an option because funding is needed quickly or the opportunity just doesn’t fit a traditional bank’s credit criteria. We also pride ourselves in helping our clients with financial planning and understanding their funding needs so they can be prepared for the inevitable bumps in the road that always seem to come.
If you’re a business owner or real estate entrepreneur who needs financing or just want to better understand the financing options available to you, we’d love to hear from you.  We’re based in Downers Grove and you can find us at We can be reached via phone at (888) 510-0368, or you can e-mail me personally at

We will feature a different individual's hobby or career each month.  If you know of someone that would like to be featured, email me at
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Positive Signs from the Housing Market


The national housing market is continuing to stabilize. According to Freddie Mac's Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi), half of the markets across the country are showing positive gains. While the national MiMi value of 74.4 indicates a weak housing market overall, the index posted a 0.51 percent improvement from August to September. Year-over-year, the index is up 3.68 percent. Since the market's all-time low of 59.8 in September 2011, the market has... Read More

The Tax Perks of Homeownership


Uncle Sam favors homeowners. Whether you own a starter home, a condo, a single-family residence or a cooperative apartment, you can enjoy tax breaks simply by being a homeowner―and the tax perks continue even when you sell your property.

Your mortgage interest will seriously reduce your tax bill. Owning a home comes with serious tax breaks, and none bigger than the relief you get on your mortgage interest payment... Read More

Want to Know What Your Home is Worth?
Featured Testimonial

by Mike & Ashley Vimont
It has been great working with Melissa Nelson from Wenzel Select Properties in buying our home. If you want reliable and hard working then you will not be disappointed. Not only is she smart and knows all you need to know about buying a home, she is also honest and truly cares that you buy a home that is everything you want. We are 100% sure we have found our "forever home" with the help of Melissa. If we ever needed to move again, for whatever reason, we know who to go to. Thank you Melissa!
-Ashley and Michael Vimont


December Happenings



Todd & Jinna on the sale of their property!

Ken & Robin S. on the sale of their property!

Eric & Valerie D. on the rental of their new home!

Samantha R. on the rental of her new home!

Thank you for allowing WSP to assist you
with your most valuable investment.

Lisa M. Wenzel
Managing Broker/Owner

5 Trends That Homebuyers Want in 2015


It's hard to think of real estate as a trend-following asset, but buyers' tastes in bricks and mortar change almost as frequently as their taste in clothes. While classic styling will always be in, home sellers should think about introducing a few buzz features that will really make their homes pop. Here are the top five trending finishes for 2015. 

1. Neutrals
Bright colors made a minor splash in 2014, but neutrals are now firmly back in vogue. Think white and gray instead of beige and taupe for a pared down, ultra-modern feel. Limit color to small pops... Read More

3 Things to Think About Before Downsizing


Downsizing is a personal choice that many people face as children move out of the house. This often leaves a couple alone in a home that is bigger than they need. The benefits of living in a smaller home are many, but there are also drawbacks. Here are some important questions that will help to determine whether a smaller home is the answer.

1. How much will it cost? 
While a smaller house will often mean lower mortgage payments, taxes and utility bills, this does not represent the total cost of downsizing. One of the side effects of a smaller home is less space. This could mean renting a storage space for things that can not be easily sold or discarded. Hidden costs such as replacing furniture and homeowners/condo fees also exist... Read More

5 Financial Fitness Habits to Begin
in the New Year


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South University College of Business, Virginia Beach faculty member Dr. Alan Harper says everyone should adopt these five financial habits in 2015:

Establish a budget
Harper says the first step in taking control of your finances is to establish a budget... Read More

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Well Maintained
4 bed, 2.1 bath
2006 Crown Point Woodridge, IL
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3 bed, 2.1 bath

1925 Hastings
Downers Grove, IL

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3 bed, 1.1 bath

9807 W 56th Countryside, IL
3/4 of an acre
4 bed, 1 bath
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