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Mary Lee's Realty News
June 2018 Visit my website |

Spring Brings an Increase in Buyer Demand but a Decrease in Supply


For the second month in a row, existing-home sales were up; according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), sales rose 1.1 percent in March to 5.6 million—welcome news after the weather-related declines posted in February. The increase in overall sales activity can be partly attributed to strong gains in the Northeast and Midwest. However, sales are still 1.2 percent below a year ago, due in part to... Read More

Trends That Transform Your Yard


Do you want to make your yard a more exciting, inspiring place? Here are some popular trends to improve your outdoor space with attractive and useful features:

A Vibrant Vegetable Garden

Home centers report that there is a growing interest in back- and front-yard gardens. Garden stores carry a large assortment of seeds and starter plants. In addition to in-ground planting, growing... Read More

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?


Windows provide natural light, ventilation, and a view of the outdoors, but windows that are worn-out can also be a major source of wasted energy. Every time the heating or air-conditioning turns on it's like blowing money out the windows. Here are a few ways to check how your windows are performing:
Do the Windows Work?
Check to see if the windows open and close easily and lock securely. If you have trouble opening... Read More

June Local Events                                    

6/8-10 –   Sorticulture Garden Arts Festival - Everett

6/9 –        Georgetown Carnival  - Seattle

6/9 –        Grapes, Paws & Hops Festival - Redmond

6/9 –        Lake to Lake Bike Ride - Bellevue

6/9 –        Shilshole Boatfest - Seattle

6/9-10 –   Evergreen Mt. Bike Festival - Sammamish

6/9-10 –   Rock'n'Roll Seattle Marathon - Seattle

6/9-17 –   Strawberry Festival - Marysville

6/10 –      Furry 5k - Seattle

6/16 –      Fremont Parade - Seattle

6/16-17 – Fremont Fair- Seattle

6/16 –      Washington Brewers Festival - Redmond

6/16 –      Community Shred-it - Kent

6/16 –      Solstice Night Market - Seattle

6/16-17 – Sundiata - Seattle

6/16-17 – Father’s Day Train Ride - Snoqualmie 

6/16-17 – Air Show - Olympia

6/17 –      Father’s Day Car Show  - Issaquah 

6/17-24 – Improv Comedy Festival - Pike Place

6/22 –      Kirkland Wine Walk - Kirkland
6/23-24 – SipFest in Snoqualmie - Seattle

6/23-24 – Seattle Pridefest - Seattle

6/23-24 – Bellevue Strawberry Festival - Seattle

Four Questions to Ask about a Neighborhood Before You Buy a Home


So you think you've found the perfect house. It has everything that you need and more, including that incredible walk-in closet that you've been dreaming about for years. However, don't be so quick to make an offer. When you buy a house, you're also buying a neighborhood. Here are four important questions you should ask before you submit an offer:
1. Does the Neighborhood Fit Your Lifestyle? If you tend to go out at night and enjoy the nightlife, then living in a downtown area would be more ideal than living in the suburbs. If you have children or are planning on having... Read More

Five Easy Steps to a Lush Lawn


Lawn-revitalization projects are surprisingly easy to do, so whether you're selling your home or staying put and wanting to enjoy your property more, it's a worthwhile investment. The experts at Grass Seed USA, a coalition of grass-seed farmers and academic turf specialists, offer the following five simple steps to achieving a lush lawn quickly:

1. Aerate. When the soil under a lawn becomes too compacted, water, air, and nutrients have a hard time reaching grass roots. Lawn aerators correct this problem by pulling small plugs of soil about 1/2 inch in diameter and 2– 3 inches deep out of the ground. You can... Read More

Recent Sales

20514 NE 66th St., Redmond 98053
2,905 sq ft. 2 bed, 2.5 bath SOLD 6/2018
5387 Coastal Loop, Blaine 98230
2,008 sq ft. 3 bed, 2 bath
$414,900 (Buyer Sale)
Mary Lee, 2731 77th Ave SE, Suite 205, Mercer Island WA 98040
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