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Wenzel Select Properties Newsletter-Vol 9 Issue 1


Five Ways to Add Style and Character to Your Kitchen

A welcoming and comfortable kitchen is the heart of a happy home. If you've spent time and money on a remodel but still feel something's missing, a few final touches that add extra character and style can make all the difference. Here are five simple and affordable ways to make your kitchen a room that you'll love to spend more time in.

Glass Jars and Containers
Open shelves filled with glass jars provide a fantastic-looking storage solution. Fill clear jars with dried beans, grains, or pasta for a rustic effect. Smaller colored-glass jars filled with herbs and spices are an attractive addition that also makes it easier to add zest to your cooking.

Hanging Pot Rack
A hanging pot rack is a storage option that also adds style. Hang your best-looking pots and pans above your stove so they're always within easy reach while also adding a sense of height and drama to the room. Hanging racks are available in a range of styles and finishes, including wrought iron for a rustic look and stainless steel or chrome for a more modern, minimalist kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting
Under-cabinet lighting combines style and function. It eliminates glare from overhead lighting in small areas and adds atmosphere and interest. Choose strings of LED lights to provide a welcoming glow around the room, or carefully placed spot lamps to brighten murky work surfaces and gloomy corners.

Baker's Rack
If you have a spare corner or length of a wall without installed cabinets, a baker's rack is a decorative and practical addition. These impressive pieces of furniture offer a great combination of drawers, shelving, and hooks and can be a useful piece of extra work surface. Use them to display your favorite dishes and pans or your most attractive gadgets and gizmos that you don't want to hide.

Wall Art and Pictures
Lastly, a kitchen might not be the place you immediately think of for hanging your favorite works of art; however, an extra touch of decoration can make a huge difference in the feel of this essential room. Food is perhaps the most obvious subject matter to use, but try painted scenes of nature to send your décor in a rustic direction, or photographs of cityscapes or pieces of abstract art for a more modern slant.

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