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Wenzel Select Properties Newsletter-Vol 10 Issue 4


Easy Decor to Give Your Home a Fresh Spring Look

Spring is a great time to give your home a new look. Whether it's tidying the shelves, rearranging furniture, or adding new elements of decor, here are some ways you can give your home a burst of springtime energy.

Tackle Spring Cleaning. One of the quickest ways to add a fresh look to an old, crowded space is to clear the clutter from your rooms, closets, and cabinets. Sort items into three piles: keep, donate, and trash. Next, give the uncluttered spaces a thorough cleaning to make them sparkle.

Bring Nature Inside. Spring is the season for plants and flowers. Bring some of that lively color inside your home with a fresh vase of seasonal flowers such as daffodils or Easter lilies. Add pots of greenery inside your home to perpetuate the feel of spring.

Frame Your Windows with Color. Give your windows a spring update with fresh curtains. Pristine white sheers add softness and a fresh vibe to almost any room. Hang colorful curtains with a bold print to add visual excitement. Or, frame your windows with soft pastel curtains in baby blue, mint green, or light coral.

Replace Winter Bedding. Exchange wintry flannel sheets, heavy blankets, and dark-colored comforters for more springlike ensembles. Pastel or white sheets, Egyptian-cotton blankets, and crisp, lightweight white comforters can quickly usher your beds into the spring season.

Generate a Spa-Inspired Vibe. Your bathrooms are the perfect areas to inject a fresh ambiance. Exchange colored towels for plush white replacements. Add white bathroom rugs, a tray of white candles atop your vanity, and a few pots of greenery.

Create a New Floor Plan. Refresh one or more rooms in your home with a new floor plan this spring. Rearrange your furniture in a different layout, such as floating a sofa in your living room to divide the dining and living areas, or placing your bed at an angle in a corner. Remove any pieces from a room that make it feel crowded and small.

Get started with your favorite project and enjoy the invigorating results. Choose another update and continue until you're satisfied with your home's new, fresh spring appeal.

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