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Wenzel Select Properties Newsletter-Vol 10 Issue 4


Improve the Front Yard to Give Your Home Better Curb Appeal

When potential home buyers first drive by your home, they evaluate its curb appeal. If your home is lacking in that department, the best place to start is front and center—making improvements to the yard.

Evaluate the Front Yard
However simple this task may sound, homeowners are often so familiar with bare spots, dead grass, and weed-infested areas in their lawn that they no longer see them. But potential buyers will immediately notice overgrown grass—or anything that gives them a negative first impression. It can be helpful to ask someone with fresh eyes, such as a friend, neighbor, or your real estate agent, to take an objective look at your lawn and share their thoughts.

Consistent Lawn Care
Whether you hire a reputable lawn care service to maintain your yard or do the yard upkeep yourself, the lawn should be mowed regularly to keep it at a consistent, well-manicured height. Remove any dead twigs or debris from your yard, get rid of unsightly weeds, and apply fertilizer to keep the grass green and healthy.

Improve the Landscaping
Start by spreading fresh mulch in your flower beds to instantly improve your home's curb appeal, then prune dead limbs hanging from trees in your front yard and trim straggly bushes to give them a nice shape. Swap out spindly or dead bushes with thriving replacements. Regularly fertilize and water your plants to keep them looking their best. Finish by enhancing the walkway leading up to your front entry with path lighting. If you're still struggling, hire a landscaper to help boost your yard's visual appeal.

Splashes of Color
Punctuate the earthy-green tones in your grass, trees, and bushes with a splash of vibrant color by planting flowers that pop up annually such as tulips, daffodils, and mums. Placing pots of bright red geraniums, deep purple petunias, hot pink impatiens, and sunny-yellow marigolds on your front porch or walkway will liven up the area and add an instant perk.

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