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Wenzel Select Properties Newsletter-Vol 13 Issue 6


Design Ideas to Give Your Front Porch Irresistible Charm

Use these decorative touches to provide a more charming welcome to your home and add instant porch appeal. Set a budget for your makeover and get started on revamping your porch today.

Stylish Porch Rails
Give your front porch a modern look with a stylish vinyl rail. According to Architect magazine, vinyl rails are better than wood for several reasons. Vinyl rails won’t rot, fade, shrink, or warp, and are simple to clean. Some vinyl rails are designed to look like real wood.

Decorative Window Shutters
Attach decorative shutters to your home’s front-facing windows. Choose classic black or white louvered shutters to instantly ramp up your porch’s curb appeal. Rustic-inspired batten board shutters complement a cottage or farmhouse style. Paneled shutters offer a more modern appeal.

Complementary Trim Colors
Make your porch stand out with complementary trim colors. Cover the exterior trim around windows, doors, and rooflines with a paint hue that complements your home’s exterior color. Crisp white paint for your exterior trim will complement almost any home color. Other options include a beige-toned trim against dark brown walls, or charcoal gray against a pristine white exterior.

An Inviting Ambiance
Use a variety of textures, colors, furniture, and accessories to create an inviting ambiance. Center an attractive welcome mat on the porch, and hang a seasonal wreath on the door. Create a cozy conversation area with cushioned settees, comfy chairs, and a glass-topped coffee table. Place the furniture in a square or U shape atop a fabulous outdoor rug. Scatter big pots of colorful flowers around and hang green ferns from your porch’s roof to add bursts of vivacious color and greenery.

Whether your porch needs a fresh color or new porch rails, upgrading will result in a charming increase in curb appeal.

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